Mission, Vision, and Values

Christ Presbyterian Church exists to help you find God, find community, and serve humanity. 

We want to grow into a community of faith which contributes to the common good of Montgomery County for all people by bringing the good news of God's love in Christ into every sphere of our lives.

Regardless of where we are in the journey, we aim to be:

Gospel Centered:  The gospel is the good news of what God has done for us—both in coming to faith in the first place and in every moment thereafter. This gospel alone has the power to transform individuals, relationships, and whole communities.

Outward Facing:  One of the most remarkable things about Jesus was how much he liked people, whether they were alienated and broken or influential and resourced. Our church is likewise here for others, by demonstrating hospitality, authentic witness, mercy and justice. 

Authentic:  The Gospel frees us from needing to appear different than we really are.  This enables us to form relationships of depth, authenticity, and trust.  In a era of increasing loneliness, we desire to create thick community.