Children's Book List

Christian Literature Book List for Children

This is a list of recommended books created by Pastor Roberts' daughters Brianna and Brooke.  The list is divided into two categories.  The first category is 'Christian Worldview' and the second is 'Broader Culture.'  The Christian Worldview category is subdivided into books by series and books by author.  Many of these books can be checked out through our public library's Marina system.  Adjoining counties such as Carroll County and Howard County have many Christian books for children.  


Books by Series

The Trailblazer Series

The Trailblazer Series are books which feature fictional characters interacting with historic Christian leaders or missionaries.  The books are written for ages 8-12.  All the books are written by Dave and Neta Jackson. 

  • Abandoned on the Wild Frontier (Peter Cartwright)
  • Ambushed in Jaguar Swamp (Barbrooke Grubb)
  • Assassins in the Cathedral (Festo Kivengere)
  • Attack in the Rye Grass (Marcus and Narcissa Whitman)   
  • Blinded by the Shining Path (Romulo Saune)
  • Caught in the Rebel Camp (Frederick Douglas)
  • Danger on the Flying Trapeze (D. L. Moody)
  • Defeat of the Ghost Riders (Mary McLeod Bethune)
  • Drawn by a China Moon (Lottie Moon)
  • Escape from the Slave Traders (David Livingstone)
  • Exiled to the Red River (Chief Spokane Garry)
  • Flight of the Fugitives (Gladys Aylward)
  • Hostage on the Nighthawk (William Penn)
  • Journey to the End of the Earth (William Seymour)
  • Kidnapped by River Rats (William and Catherine Booth)
  • Listen for the Whippoorwill (Harriet Tubman)
  • Mask of the Wolf Boy (Missionary Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth)
  • Quest for the Lost Prince (Samuel Morris)
  • Race for the Record (Missionary Joy Ridderhof)
  • Risking the Forbidden Game (Maude Cary)
  • Roundup of the Street Rovers (Charles Loring Brace)
  • Shanghaied to China (Hudson Taylor)   
  • Sinking the Dayspring (John Paton)
  • Spy for the Night Riders (Martin Luther)
  • The Bandit of Ashley Downs (George Muller)
  • The Betrayer’s Fortune (Menno Simons)
  • The Chimney Sweep’s Ransom (John Wesley)
  • The Drummer Boy’s Battle (Florence Nightingale)
  • The Fate of the Yellow Woodbee (Nate Saint)
  • The Forty-Acre Swindle (George Washington Carver)
  • The Gold Miner’s Rescue (Sheldon Jackson)
  • The Hidden Jewel (Amy Carmichael)
  • The Mayflower Secret (Governor William Bradford)
  • The Queen’s Smuggler (William Tyndale)
  • The Runaway’s Revenge (John Newton)
  • The Thieves of Tyburn Square (Elizabeth Fry)
  • The Warrior’s Challenge (David Zeisberger)
  • Traitor in the Tower (John Bunyan)
  • Trial by Poison (Mary Slessor)

Christian Heroes: Then and Now

The Christian Heroes series are stories of prominent missionaries and church leaders.  They are written from the standpoint of the central character in novel form.  The books are for ages 10 to adult.  All books are written by Janet and Geoff Benge.  

  • Adoniram Judson: Bound for Burma
  • Amy Carmichael: Rescuer of Precious Gems
  • Betty Greene: Wings to Serve
  • Brother Andrew: God’s Secret Agen
  • C. S. Lewis: Master Storyteller
  • C. T. Studd: No Retreat
  • Cameron Townsend: Good News in Every Language
  • Clarence Jones: Mr. Radio
  • Corrie ten Boom: Keeper of the Angel’s Den
  • Count Zinzendorf: Firstfruit
  • David Bussau: Facing the World Head-on
  • David Livingstone: Africa’s Trailblazer
  • Elisabeth Elliot: Joyful Surrender
  • Eric Liddell: Something Greater than Gold
  • Florence Young: Mission Accomplished
  • Francis Asbury: Circuit Rider
  • George Müller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans
  • Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime
  • Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China
  • Ida Scudder: Healing Bodies, Touching Hearts
  • Isobel Kuhn: On the roof of the World
  • Jacob DeShazer: Forgive Your Enemies
  • Jim Elliot: One Greater Purpose
  • John Wesley: The World His Parish
  • John Williams: Messenger of Peace
  • John Flynn: Into the Never Never
  • Jonathan Goforth: An Open Door in China
  • Klaus-Dieter John: Hope in the Land of the Incas
  • Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt
  • Loren Cunningham: Into All the World
  • Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for Children
  • Mary Slessor: Forward into Calabar
  • Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer
  • Paul Brand: Helping Hands
  • Rachel Saint: A Star in the Jungle
  • Rowland Bingham: Into Africa’s Interior
  • Sundar Singh: Footprints Over the Mountain
  • Wilfred Grenfell: Fisher of Men
  • William Booth: Soup, Soap, and Salvation
  • William Carey: Obliged to Go

Heroes of History

By Janet and Geoff Benge 

  • Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom
  • Benjamin Franklin: Live Wire
  • Billy Graham: America’s Pastor
  • Captain John Smith: A Foothold in the New World
  • Christopher Columbus: Across the Ocean Sea
  • Clara Barton: Courage under Fire
  • Daniel Boone: Frontiersman
  • Davy Crockett: Ever Westward
  • Douglas MacArthur: What Greater Honor
  • Elizabeth Fry: Angel of Newgate
  • George Washington Carver: From Slave to Scientist
  • George Washington: True Patriot
  • Harriet Tubman: Freedombound
  • John Adams: Independence Forever
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Storybook Life
  • Louis Zamperini: Redemption
  • Meriwether Lewis: Off the Edge of the Map
  • Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate
  • Orville Wright: The Flyer
  • Ronald Reagan: Destiny and His Side
  • Theodore Roosevelt: An American Original
  • Thomas Edison: Inspiration and Hard Work
  • William Penn: Liberty and Justice for All
  • William Wilberforce: Take Up the Fight

 The Sugar Creek Gang

The Sugar Creek Gang Series centers on a group of boys living in the 1930s.  The boys experience various adventures and learn life lessons.  This series is geared towards boys 8-12.  All the books are written by Paul Hutchens. 

  • Lost in the Blizzard
  • On the Mexican Border
  • One Stormy Day
  • Palm Tree Manhunt
  • Screams In the Night
  • Teacher Trouble
  • The Brown Box Mystery
  • The Bull Fighter
  • The Chicago Adventure
  • The Colorado Kidnapping
  • The Ghost Dog
  • The Green Tent Mystery
  • The Haunted House
  • The Indian Cemetery
  • The Killer Bear
  • The Killer Cat
  • The Lost Campers
  • The Mystery Cave
  • The Mystery Thief
  • The Secret Hideout
  • The Swamp Robber
  • The Thousand Dollar Fish
  • The Timber Wolf
  • The Treasure Hunt
  • The Watermelon Mystery
  • The White Boat Rescue
  • The Winter Rescue
  • Western Adventure

The Ponytail Girls

By Bonnie Compton Hanson

  • Meet The Ponytail Girls
  • The Impossible Christmas Present
  • Lost On Monster Mountain
  • A Stormy Spring
  • Escape From Camp Porcupine
  • What’s Up With Her?
  • A Roller Coaster Year

The Cul-De-Sac Kids

By Beverly Lewis

  • The Double Dabble Surprise
  • The Chicken Pox Panic
  • The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery
  • No Grown-Ups Allowed
  • Frog Power
  • The Mystery of Case D. Luc
  • The Stinky Sneakers
  • Pickle Pizza
  • Mailbox Mania
  • The Mudhole Mystery
  • Fiddlesticks
  • The Crabby Cat Caper

Dauthers of the Faith

By Wendy G. Lawton

  • The Captive Princess
  • Shadow of His Hand
  • The Tinker’s Daughter
  • Almost Home
  • Freedom’s Pen
  • Courage to Run
  • The Hallelujah Lass
  • Ransom’s Mark

The Imagination Station

By Marianne Hering, Paul McCusker, Brock Eastman, and Marshal Younger

  • Voyage with the Vikings
  • Attack in the Arena
  • Peril in the Palace
  • Revenge of the Red Night
  • Showdown with the Shepherd
  • Problems in Plymouth
  • Secret of the Prince’s Tomb
  • Battle for the Cannibal Island
  • Escape to the Hiding Place
  • Challenge on the Hill of Fire
  • Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon
  • Danger on a Silent Night
  • The Redcoats Are Coming!
  • Captured on the High Seas
  • Surprise at Yorktown
  • Doomsday in Pompeii
  • In Fear of the Spear
  • Trouble on the Orphan Train
  • Light in the Lion’s Den

Sisters in Time

This series contains a variety of authors. 

  • 1620, Sarah’s New World: The Mayflower Adventure (by Colleen L. Reece)
  • 1621, Rebekah in Danger: Peril at Plymouth Colony (by Colleen L. Reece)
  • 1744, Maggie’s Dare: The Great Awakening (by Norma Jean Lutz)
  • 1764, Lizzie and the Redcoat: Stirrings of Revolution in the American Colonies (by Susan Martins Miller)
  • 1770, Lydia the Patriot: The Boston Massacre (by Susan Martins Miller)
  • 1775, Kate and the Spies: The American Revolution (by JoAnn A. Grote)
  • 1808, Betsy’s River Adventure: The Journey Westward (by Veda Boyd Jones)
  • 1919, Grace and the Bully: Drought on the Frontier (by Norma Jean Lutz)
  • 1832, Emma’s Secret: The Cincinnati Epidemic (by Veda Boyd Jones)
  • 1838, Nellie the Brave: The Cherokee Trail of Tears (by Veda Boyd Jones)
  • 1844, Meg Follows a Dream: The Fight for Freedom (by Norma Jean Lutz)
  • 1862, Daria Solves a Mystery: The Civil War in Ohio (by Norma Jean Lutz)
  • 1865, Elise the Actress: Climax of the Civil War (by Norma Jean Lutz)
  • 1867, Janie’s Freedom: African American in the Aftermath of the Civil War (by Callie Smith Grant)
  • 1889, Rachel and the Riot: The Labor Movement Divides a Family (by Susan Martins Miller)
  • 1893, Emily Makes a Difference: A Time of Progress and Problems (by JoAnn A. Grote)
  • 1903, Maureen the Detective: The Age of Immigration (by Veda Boyd Jones)
  • 1914, Maria Takes a Stand: The Battle for Women’s Rights (by Norma Jean Lutz)
  • 1923, Carrie’s Courage: Battling the Forces of Bigotry (by Norma Jean Lutz)
  • 1931, Anna’s Fight for Hope: The Great Depression (by JoAnn A. Grote)
  • 1935, Rosa Takes a Chance: Mexican Immigrants in the Dust Bowls Years (by Susan Martin Millers)
  • 1939, Mandy the Outsider: Prelude to the Second World War (by Norma Jean Lutz)
  • 1944, Jennie’s War: The Home Front in World War II (by Bonnie Hinman)
  • 1945, Laura’s Victory: End of the Second World War (by Veda Boyd Jones)

Irene Howat

(The Trailblazers Series by Irene Howat is a different series than The Trailblazer Series by Dave and Neta Jackson)

  • Ten Boys who Changed the World, Lightkeepers Series
  • Ten Girls who Changed the World, Lightkeepers Series
  • Ten Boys who Didn’t Give In, Lightkeepers Series
  • Ten Girls who Didn’t Give In, Lightkeepers Series
  • Ten Boys who Made a Difference, Lightkeepers Series
  • Ten Girls who Made a Difference, Lightkeepers Series
  • Ten Boys who Made History, Lightkeepers Series
  • Ten Girls who Made History, Lightkeepers Series
  • Ten Boys who Used Their Talents, Lightkeepers Series
  • Ten Girls who Used Their Talents, Lightkeepers Series
  • Isobel Kuhn: Lights in Lisuland, Trailblazers Series
  • John Newton: A Slave Set Free, Trailblazers Series
  • Helen Roseveare: On His Majesty’s Service, Trailblazers Series
  • Lilias Trotter: Daring in the Desert, Trailblazers Series
  • George Müller: The Children's Champion, Trailblazers Series
  • Robert  Moffat: Africa’s Brave Heart, Trailblazers Series
  • Adoniram Judson: Danger on the Streets of Gold, Trailblazers Series
  • Patricia St. John: The Story Behind the Stories, Trailblazers Series
  • Robert Murray McCheyne: Life Is An Adventure, Trailblazers Series

Books by Author

This second section of the book list contains books by author.

C. S. Lewis

  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Prince Caspian
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  • The Silver Chair
  • The Horse and His Boy
  • The Magician's Nephew
  • The Last Battle

George MacDonald

George MacDonald was a major influence on C. S. Lewis.  Lewis stated, "MacDonald baptized my imagination."

  • At the Back of the North Wind
  • Lilith
  • Phantastes
  • The Light Princess
  • The Princess and Curdie
  • The Princess and the Goblin

Edith Nesbit

  • Five Children and It
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Melisande
  • The Book of Dragons
  • The Enchanted Castle
  • The Phoenix and the Carpet
  • The Railway Children
  • The Story of the Amulet
  • The Story of Treasure Seekers
  • The Woodbegoods

Patricia St. John

  • Rainbow Garden
  • The Runaway
  • The Secret at Pheasant’s Cottage
  • Star of Light
  • The Tanglewoods’ Secret
  • Three Go Searching
  • Treasures of the Snow
  • Where the River Begins
  • The Secret of the Fourth Candle
  • Twice Freed
  • Friska My Friend
  • The Other Kitten
  • The Victor
  • I Need a Neighbor
  • Nothing Else Matters
  • Patricia St. John Tells Her Own Story

Dave and Neta Jackson

  • Hero Tales

Lois Walfrid Johnson

  • Raiders From The Sea, Vikings Quest Book 1
  • Mystery Of The Silver Coins, Vikings Quest Book 2
  • The Invisible Friend, Vikings Quest Book 3
  • Heart of Courage, Vikings Quest Book 4
  • The Raider’s Promise, Vikings Quest Book 5
  • Escape into the Night, Freedom Seekers Book 1
  • Race for Freedom, Freedom Seekers Book 2
  • Midnight Rescue, Freedom Seekers Book 3
  • The Swindler’s Treasure, Freedom Seekers Book 4
  • Mysterious Signal, Freedom Seekers Book 5
  • The Fiddler’s Secret, Freedom Seekers Book 6

Louise Vernon

  • Ink on His Fingers


Jacques, Brian (ages 10+)

  • Redwall 
  • Mossflower
  • Mattimeo
  • Mariel of Redwall
  • Salamandastron
  • Martin the Warrior
  • The Bellmaker
  • Outcast of Redwall
  • Pearls of Lutra
  • The Long Patrol
  • Marlfox
  • The Legend of Luke
  • Lord Brocktree
  • Taggerung

Rowling, J. K. (ages 8+)

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

King, Carolyn (Nancy Drew Series)

  • The Secret of the Old Clock
  • Mystery of the Inn of the Twisted Candles
  • Mystery at the Ski Jump
  • Clue and the Old Album

Dixon, Franklin W. (Hardy Boys Series)

  • Secret of the Old Mill

Casanova, Mary

  • Cecile: Gates of Gold