Avonlea Blizzard's Testimony

    09.23.18 | Stories |

    Before my depression came, I was a Martha. I know that Mary was the example that Jesus commended, but I wasn’t pious enough to do that. I wasn’t a real Mary, so I settled for being a Martha. Because when I was busy serving my family...

      Martin Sohn's Testimony

      02.04.18 | Stories | by Martin Sohn

      I was born to a Christian family. My father was an elder in a church and my grandfather was a pastor and a missionary in Japan. From my birth I have been familiar with the Christian life style: going to church every Sunday, reading the Bible...

        Ruth Lampkin's Story

        11.07.17 | Stories | by Ruth Lampkin

        I was born and raised on a plantation in a small rural community in Anguilla, Mississippi located in the delta when cotton was king. Some descriptions of life in Delta were hard-living, dirt poor, oppressive, racist, and poverty-stricken, but to...