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Officer Nominations and Training

CPC is in a season of officer nominations and training.  The Biblical precedent for this process is Acts 6:1-6.  In that passage we see five truths. 

First, the essence of church polity is plurality not singularity.  Decisions were made by teams not leaders working together; they weren’t decreed by one individual. 

Second, leaders were called forward by their peers; they didn’t put themselves forward.

Third, the offices of the church are deed and word.  They comprise the office of Deacon and Elder.  Deacons are oriented towards physical needs; Elders are oriented towards spiritual needs.

Fourth, the foremost criterion for church leadership is character.  Skills and talents are secondary to holiness.

Lastly, we’ll see that all these principles are rooted in the ministry of Jesus Christ.  We see Jesus working in concert with God the Father and God the Spirit.  Jesus didn’t put himself forward; he was called forward by God the Father.  Jesus’ ministry was deed and word.  Jesus’ ministry stemmed from His character; at the pivotal moment he said, “Not my will, but your will be done.”

Please converse with the pastoral staff if you have questions about this process.


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