Stewardship 2022

Stewardship Form

Thank you for your willingness to participate in Stewardship 2022.  Your answers to the questions below will enable the Session to plan Covenant Kids instruction for the next year and to formulate the annual budget.  


When you submit your form, your answers will be forwarded to two Deacons.  These Deacons will provide the Session with the names of the people willing to serve in Covenant Kids.  The Deacons will also provide the Session with the total amount pledged.  The Deacons will not specify the names of those who pledge nor the amount committed.


Covenant Kids is the children's ministry of CPC.  We need teachers for three classes which are currently grades PreK-K, 1-2, and 3-5.  There are four terms of instruction which each last 13 weeks.

  • Spring: March 6 - May 29
  • Summer: June 5 - August 28
  • Fall:  September 4 - November 27
  • Winter: December 4 - February 26

Curriculum will be provided, but teachers are free to tailor it as they see fit.  While the term is for 13 weeks, teachers are free to take breaks as needed.  


A private early service is provided each Sunday at 9:45.  The teachers receive the sermon and the Lord's Supper.  Childcare is provided.  


Lastly, the Session asks that all Covenant Kids teachers be members in good standing.  If you would like to teach but have not joined the church, then please notify Pastor Matt.  


Covenant Kids

The Session would like to plan for a balanced budget.  Thus, we ask each household to give generously and to view a tithe on their gross income as the starting point.  Thus, if your annual pre-tax income is $50,000 then we ask that you pledge $5,000.  The 2022 budget will be constructed based on the total amount pledged by the congregation.


Some members are unsure of their prospective income.  For example, it could between $40,000 and $50,000.  If this is case, please pledge the median which would be a tithe on $45,000.  If your income ends up being less than you anticipated, then tithe on your actual income and not the pledge.   


Some members are also in a season of life which prohibits them from tithing.  If this is case, please feel free to pledge what you can and to support the church in other ways.


Please indicate the amount you pledge to give in 2022.

There are several opportunities to shape the ministry of CPC through servant leadership.


First, please consider serving alongside the Global and Community Outreach Ministry (GCOM).  This team equips the congregation for missions and distributes funds to missionaries.  Ruth Lampkin is the chairperson.  


Second, please consider partnering with the Diaconate to set up and take down the worship service each Sunday.  Josh Ruffa is the chairperson.


Third, please consider helping to administer Covenant Kids.  Pastor Matt would appreciate assistance to purchase curriculum, to schedule new teacher training, and to build an annual calendar of teachers based on responses to the Stewardship form.  


Fourth, please considering assisting with Youth Group.  In the fall of 2022, Pastor Matt would like to teach a Communicant's Class to our middle school students.  In order for this to take place, we will need other adults to serve the high school students.  


If you are interested in one of these roles, then please check the appropriate box.


Service Roles

Thank you for your willingness to commit in 2022 to advance Christ's name.